About us

Castle Point Association of Voluntary Services (CAVS)
was formed in 1994 to provide support and guidance to voluntary and community organisations within Castle Point.  From the outset we have operated a Volunteer Centre helping to match organisations and potential volunteers.

We have always worked closely with local statutory bodies and the community to identify and develop new services which could be delivered on a not for profit basis.  We have worked with existing voluntary sector providers to extend their schemes or, when appropriate, have formed new services as part of CAVS portfolio of projects which bring benefit to the local population.  With an increasing amount of public services being outsourced through contracts CAVS have embraced the opportunity to create and deliver services which reflect the needs of our local population.

CAVS offices at the The White House are now a J9 Domestic Abuse Contact Centre and a Hate Incident Reporting Centre. If you have experienced domestic abuse or hate crime you can speak confidentially, and without judgement, to one of our trained team.

Please call us on 01268 214000 or visit us here at The White House in Benfleet.

You can review our GDPR Privacy notice here: CAVS Privacy Notice

View of Canvey Island from Hadleigh Castle