Better Volunteering

We all know just how important volunteering is, not only for society as a whole but also for the individuals who decide to get involved. Volunteering provides people with an opportunity to contribute positively to their communities and can also help to promote personal development. It can provide a pathway into work or experience to help open other avenues in life.

In addition to volunteering yourself, why not recruit volunteers for your organisation; there has never been a better time to do so. Every year in Castle Point, over a thousand people volunteer for the first time. Some of them could be volunteering with your organisation. We also know that volunteers in Castle Point contribute the equivalent of over £3.7 million pounds to the community – let’s try and make this bigger!

The Volunteer Centre is part of Castle Point Association of Voluntary Services. Our team of paid staff and volunteers specialise in all aspects of volunteering and volunteer management. 

For current volunteering opportunities in your area visit the Volunteer Essex website.  

Want to volunteer for CAVS?  Click here to find out more about our volunteering opportunities.