Better Giving

How you can make a difference?

Whether you're an individual, part of a group or in business, you're likely to be passionately interested in how you can help your Community

Lots of people experience a deep affinity with their local Community. You may feel you want to get involved or help in some way, but don’t know how, or who to contact. We hope we can give you some ideas and provide information to get you started. So, why fundraise for our organisation?

Our staff always want to do more for the people of Castle Point and Essex . There’s always a new piece of equipment with more up-to-date technology or fixtures and fittings that will make the people who access services at CAVS more comfortable. These are the sort of things that people – staff, volunteers, community groups and businesses– fundraise for. It’s the extras – some small, some large – that really make a difference to our community, and the support and care that our staff can deliver.

CAVS has a long history of community support, not only from individuals but also from groups

The reason for choosing to support any organisation can be wide and varied but with a community based organisation, often the motivation will be very personal. Maybe you have received support from CAVS or been involved with the projects and services it offers to Castle Point.

To ensure we get maximum benefit from the money that’s raised for our community, CAVS is a registered charity number 1103968.

Some of our donors choose to give their support in ways that are not directly financial, but are equally valuable, for example donating their time to help with fundraising events.

However you choose to support fundraising work, the Team will be delighted to hear from you. Together, as a partnership, we can really make a difference and add value to our community.

Areas to support

We have many different areas or projects that you can choose to fundraise for (e.g.Childrens Centres, projects to benefit all members of the community including volunteering and befriending schemes). As a donor, you can choose to support whichever area appeals to you.

We have an obligation as a registered charity to ensure our charitable activity is legal, ethical, responsible and adheres to Charity Commission guidelines.

Gift Aid

We are able to claim from the Government 25p in every pound donated from a UK taxpayer simply with the donor’s signature…..It’s that simple.

  • A £10 donation will grow to £12.50
  • £100 donation will grow to £125.00

To get involved or donate contact us at CAVS:

The Tyrells Centre
39 Seamore Avenue
Thundersley, Essex SS7 4EX

Tel: 01268 638416