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There are many strategic partnerships operating at all levels. Locally in Castle Point the Local Strategic Partnership or LSP as it is more often called meets jointly with partners from the Rochford District. This gives partners the opportunity to understand, develop and discuss work taking place across the area often involving a range of public services including the voluntary sector.

A number of thematic groups meet regularly to work on more specific areas of service delivery. They inform partners of the LSP through regular highlight reports.

CAVS frequently attends these thematic groups as well as the LSP in order to represent the voluntary sector. There is often the opportunity for voluntary groups to participate in meetings where they feel they can bring something of value to the table. If you would like to attend in your own right contact CAVS to discuss further.

Community Development Partnership

This is probably the best connection to the LSP for many voluntary sector partners. Chaired by someone from the voluntary sector this thematic group demonstrates and real understanding of what the voluntary sector can provide.

Examples of discussions: Volunteering, channels for distributing information to the wider community, inclusion of faith groups and their impact in the community, the Compact

Local Children’s Commissioning and Development Board (LCCDB)

Examples of discussions: Safeguarding practices and training, workforce development, commissioning services, information sharing practices, parenting, health & wellbeing.

Three times a year the LCCDB organises a ‘Stakeholder’ meeting for all partners across South Essex to come together to learn more and discuss delivery of children’s services. These meetings are an excellent way for voluntary sector partners to become more involved and provide a good networking opportunity.

Adult Health & Wellbeing

Examples of discussions: Healthy Living (e.g. stop smoking, activity levels), mental health, impact of increasing older people’s population, public health issues

Employment, Skills and Business

Examples of discussions: Regeneration of Hadleigh and Canvey Town Centres, the local economy, how businesses benefit the community

Community Safety Partnership

Examples of discussions: Tackling anti-social behaviour, reducing hate crime, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse

Active Castle Point

Examples of discussions: Opportunities related to the Olympics, development of physical activities, support available to sports clubs


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